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The Month of May brings us many good things.

 This is the time of year where we start to see the first signs of spring and the first 3 day weekend of the year.  Most who work in the education field look forward to May bringing another end of a school year and start of a 3 month vacation.  But to some youthful minds, May signifies a lot more, Graduation from High School or College.  And although, it’s been many years since I’ve graduated from college, I will be taking part in the events this year because for the first time in our family history, there are 4 high school graduates. So with that, I thought I’d share a few facts about graduation that I got from Wikipedia.  

  1. Before the graduation on what is called “Degree Day”,  Candidates are referred to as Graduands
  2. T he ceremony itself is also called commencement, Convocation, and invocation however,  at the University of Cambridge at which graduands receive their  Bachelor’s degree is known as general admission and Durham University’s graduation ceremony is called, Congregation.
  3. The ceremonies usually include a procession by the academic staff and candidates and in the beginning at the secondary level in the United States, candidates will almost always wear academic dress, and most faculty will do the same.
  4. A Diploma is what is given out on the day of graduation however; it’s become more common for candidates instead to receive a certificate indicating they participated in the ceremony or portfolio to hold the diploma. Doing this allows for the academic administrators to withhold diplomas from students who might become unruly during the ceremony or gives the opportunity for College students who need an additional quarter or semester to complete their academic requirements the opportunity to participate in the official ceremony.  Also when you have a very large group of Graduands and no specific order to walk in, it’s extremely difficult for them to receive their actual diplomas but instead are handed a blank one to be filled in at a later date.

For Advanced degrees such as a doctorate, many colleges include a “Hooding Ceremony” in which the students get to wear a hood that is draped around the neck and over the shoulders. The hood’s length signifies the degree; with the institution’s colors in the lining and a velvet trim in a color that signifies the scholar’s fields.  The hood has grown from a practical garment to a symbolic one and at Fordham University graduates put on the hood by themselves en mass which after the president presents them with their degree. This is called “Self Hood”.

  1. The graduation or commencement speech is usually give by the Valedictorian at the high school level and a student or alumni at the college level  commonly  “Wishing the students well out in the Real World”.  Most recently the trend has been to have a celebrity or a politician give the commencement speech with the exceptions being Columbia University, Davidson College, and Belmont University where it has always been tradition that only the Current University President delivers the commencement address.

Graduation ends and it’s time to celebrate either by having your own individual open house event, formal family dinner, or themed party which is great for honoring several graduates at once. And of course we don’t want to forget about the gifts so here is a list of gift ideas that will make any graduate at the high school or college level happy.

A trip, Car, Laptop computer, CD or Stock, Furniture (for those moving out of mom and dad’s house), or a small refrigerator is great for those students who are moving into a college dorm.

If your budget is a bit smaller, these are also great gifts: Briefcase, watch, clothing gift card, Paid phone card, house wares, toaster oven, hire a resume writing service or resume writing books, Desk accessories, organizer or planner, DVD Player, IPod, engraved jewelry, toolbox with basic tools, or a laundry basket filled with detergent, fabric softener, a roll of quarters, and instructions on how to separate clothes.

Whether you are graduating from High School, Community College or a University, I want to take this moment to say Congratulations!   And to My family members Sam, Kendall, Verna, and Orlando, I want to say that I’m very proud of you.  Your hard work has paid off and new and bright beginnings await you. As you take the next step either in your education or workforce, know that there will be successes and  failures throughout your life but never lose the courage to go after what you want.

References: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graduation



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