LACMA, Scott Martin Latin Soul Band, Lauren Adams Trio, Malibu Family Wines.

I’ve lived in Southern California for 20 yrs now and in the San Fernando Valley for 10 yrs and realized that there is so much culture in the Los Angeles metro area that I have not taken advantage of yet.  A friend suggested I check out LACMA  the largest museum in the Western United States housing 100,000 pieces of art dating from ancient times to present displayed between 7 buildings on 20,000 acres in the heart of Los Angeles. In addition to LACMA’s Vast collection, exhibitions, public programs and research, they also offer in the summer months free music entertainment open to the public on Friday and Saturday evenings.  So I called my friend Katie to join me and we put together a picnic of grapes, hummus, pita chips, rainier  cherries, and a bottle of Trinity Oaks Pinot Noir and with blanket headed to the museum.  Just driving  down the 101, by the Hollywood Bowl where the Playboy Jazz festival was taking place and down Wilshire Avenue we encountered many photo opportunities and took in some of the amazing architecture that surrounds the LA area.  We finally reached our destination, Valet the car and right out front of  LACMA was this enormous display of street lamps in a maze formation and a large black cat that was made out of a spongy tar substance.  We had originally came for the music entertainment but the attendant also gave us free tickets to go inside the museum and with a few minutes to spare before the music started, we took the escalator up to the 3rd floor to check it out.  As we reached the 3rd floor,  and walked inside, to the right were these enormous pieces of metal work by Jeff Koons, A candy apple red cracked egg and this bright blue balloon dog.  (The pic to the right shows the same piece that Artist Jeff Koons had previously made for the Seagram Building in NYC but in a different color).  In addition we saw collections by Andy Warhol and Joseph Buyes, an European artist who challenged art domination in the 1950s and 1960s with his art on recent German  history.  We then headed back down the elevator and walked a few hundred feet  to Hancock Park where Scott Martin’s Latin Soul band was playing.  Scott  Martin,  saxophonist and vocalist who toured and was a big influence in the Grammy nominated Poncho Sanchez band, has put together a group of  very talented musicians to create a musical hybrid of Latin, Soul and Jazz.  In addition to the LACMA performance, the band has also toured many festivals in Japan, Canada, Hawaii, and the US.  Juliana Munoz the former lead singer of LA  salsa band Son Mayor,  joined the band for a set with her rendition of  a couple of Celia Cruz songs.  The atmosphere was electric and funky and there were people of all ages, and from different walks of life and even their four-legged furry friends enjoying the music and dancing on the pavement and grass. If you didn’t have time to put together your own picnic, there was tacos at 2 for $5 including pork, chicken, and carne asada and they also had a bar that offered beer, wine, and hard liquor. The music went from 5-7 pm and on our way out, we got to see the terrace area with Greek statues and a planter that housed the beginnings of blue potato and cow horn in it which we will be coming back to see the progress of  their growth.  LACMA who survives solely on donations can offer a family a full day of entertainment. For info on upcoming events or how to donate please visit

On our drive home from the LACMA event we drove by the Petersen automobile museum and other venues of entertainment and Katie and I decided we were going to find  the time and resources to visit these places.  So this Saturday, June 19th we will be attending a music performance by the Lauren Adams Trio at the Malibu Winery starting at 6:30 pm.

 If you live near the area come out and join us. Taste wine from the Winery, you can bring your own picnic or purchased food there. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs and listen to some wonderful music while watching the sun set over the ocean.

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  1. Hey Gina! It was great to see you and meet Katie and Jeff. Now that you’ve found our little wine oasis, I hope you’ll come back!

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