Transitioning into the best part of my life.

What a difference life has been these past 10 months making the big move from Los Angeles to Austin Texas for my day job. It was blessing from God cause it helped me find a way to move my life forward from a broken marriage but trust me it hasn’t come without any challenges.



Some of the big ones include leaving my home that I helped create and having to give up one of my dogs was one of the most hardest things I ever had to do in my life. Leaving my friends behind and the creative networks that I had built up over the past 23 years. In addition moving to a city that I had never visited created an initial shock. With a lifestyle and environment different than what I was used to; Always on the go, lots of time spent in traffic, daily gym visits, music rehearsals, red carpet events, weekly massages and dinner with friends, using my creative talents for community service, and working at the Grove where celebrity sightings, Hermes bags, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce cars parked in the valet area became the norm.breastcancer

And I will have to admit that being a 47 yr old single and sober woman makes it a little bit harder to date in a city that has been voted one of the drunkest America. city of austin

But before you jump to conclusions, I’m not bashing Austin, I’m actually starting to feel more comfortable here every day. Whether or not  I will ever call Austin home, time can only tell.  But in living here these past few months, my pace has slowed down quite a bit and its introducing me to some beautiful gems hidden within the city such as restaurants, music and hiking. And now living alone for the first time in my life in a one bedroom apartment, is giving me lots of reflection time.  In addition my dog Bruschi  has  become the priority, so time spent inside the gym has now turned into discovering and exploring new trails.

Bruschiswimminghiking path



My passion for singing and design have taken a back seat to focus on managing and growing the vision of  the fashion company I work for here in Austinmusic


And many nights are spent alone in front of my computer having conversations with my friends all over the world. But I’ve been blessed to be able to see friends visiting from LA and re-connecting with Nebraska friends who I haven’t seen since High School.Tami

And as the  saying goes, “some people cross your path and change our whole direction.”changeyourdirectionheart

I will have to agree cause I did meet someone pretty special when I first move to Austin, and that brief introduction turned me in to a writer and gave me appreciation for my roots which In all honesty I’ve been trying to run a way from most of my

As I’m still trying to figure out what my purpose in Austin is, maybe it’s just as simple as what I’m doing daily, living in the present, reflecting and growing.  So I just wake every day, give gratitude and ask for guidance,  and I look forward to transitioning into the best part of my life. besomebodydancebe happy



~ by ginaventurini on July 7, 2014.

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